Our Service

Just let us know your destination & travel period and we will find the best option for you!
It doesn’t matter what kind of travel you want…
Flight ticket, Hotel, Tour, City trip, Camper, Special excursion, Travel Insurance, assistance at the airport or whatever.
It doesn’t matter – because we are an all round travel agency and we will find the best option for you!

Ticketing International
We have special agreements with some airlines and you only can enjoy the benefits of these cooperate fares with VIP Travel.

Ticketing Domestic
Depending on what you want, we can book any domestic airline.
Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Air Asia, Citilink, Kalstar, Jetstar, Tiger Airways, etc.

Hotel & Tour
We have a lot of agreements with local agents for any destination in the world.
We also have a special agreement with the German Travel Agency “Rothmanns Reisewelt”
It means we can book the German Tour Operator like TUI, Dertour, Neckermann, FTI, etc.

Through our cooperation with the German Travel Agency, we can offer you almost any cruise worldwide. 
One of our staff is specialist of cruises and she can create the best option for you.

Meeting Packages
We have a lot of experience to organize meeting packages.
We not only organize your package, we also accompany your tour if you want.

VIP Travel - Jakarta (PT Venice Indah Pratama) has been appointed by the Tourism Department and the Directorate General of Immigration 
(No 940/1.858.23) to sponsor and process the Retirement Visa (KITAS Lansia).
VIP Travel can also assist to arrange VITAS, ITAS, KITAS, ITAP, KITAP, IMTA

Additional services:
Travel Insurance
Visa assistance
Airport assistance (Agent for Visa on Arrival)
Delivery service within centre of Jakarta